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Sobella Paris


A hydrafacial treatment with a touch of gold on your face.

Standard 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

☎️ Book FREE online or by phone on 01 76 50 22 55 and pay at the institute.

HYDRA GOLD TREATMENT: Our signature treatment, a little gem 💎

⭐ Did you know: Gold arrived in the beauty industry during the time of ancient Egypt. Many Egyptian queens took baths with the addition of golden sand and were sure that such regular baths prolong youth and life.

Our HYDRA GOLD treatment is one of the latest facial treatments developed by Sobella Paris.

It combines powerful ingredients and a precise treatment protocol for exceptional results visible instantly.

Based on hyaluronic acid, this treatment offers an instant firming action while visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and forehead (crow's feet).

Skin appears more lifted and firmer thanks to its ability to trap water molecules inside each cell for long-lasting hydration that works from the inside out.

Gold masks to revitalize your skin

Our unique treatment protocol coupled with our technology allows for ultrasonic waves that have been clinically proven to increase the penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin for better results!

Additionally, it comes with an LED mask that increases blood flow immediately improving circulation; essential for the healthy cell renewal process – younger-looking, lifted skin without surgery.

Treatment time 1h45

Care for all skin types

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⚜️ The multiple benefits of gold for your skin

It might seem unbelievable but Sobella Paris has developed a unique treatment protocol specially designed based on Hydrafacial and gold, this element as chic and luxurious as ever is used to repair cells and increase collagen production.

Gold also helps achieve healthier skin that is more radiant and plump.

The benefits of gold for the skin have been confirmed by numerous studies in the field of beauty.

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frequently asked Questions

How does the HYDRA GOLD treatment work?

When you arrive at Sobella Paris, you will be received by one of our experts for a beauty diagnosis. After the diagnosis, our beauty expert will move on to the HYDRA GOLD treatment, explaining to you all the stages of our treatment.

What are the benefits of HYDRA GOLD treatment?

HYDRA GOLD treatment has multiple benefits such as:

- The radiance of your complexion;

- Skin that appears younger;

- Promotes the regeneration of your skin cells;

- Smoothes the skin by greatly reducing dark circles, expression lines and even fine lines;

- Boost the epidermis. With its unique properties, gold stimulates the immune system by activating the metabolism of your cells. It is anti-inflammatory and helps revitalize the skin by helping it heal faster.

How to make an appointment at Sobella Paris?

At Sobella Paris, you can make an appointment for free and without a deposit unlike other beauty institutes.

To do this, simply click on our online calendar, higher up on this page, and choose the day and time that interests you.

Then, let yourself be guided by following the instructions on the screen. In just a few clicks and for FREE, you will have made your appointment.