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Plucked and Restructured Eyebrows - Redesigned to Perfection

Technique & Précision

Technique & Précision

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Résultats Durables

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Effet Naturel


Eyebrow restructuring by Sobella Paris is a precise hair removal technique using tweezers and/or waxing.

After a complete beauty diagnosis, we will restructure your eyebrows , and let's redraw them by adapting them to the shape of your eyes and your face.
The objective of the restructuring is to find perfect and well-defined eyebrows to support your gaze. While beautifying the eyebrow line in the long term.

Hair removal and restructuring of the eyebrows also allows you to obtain perfect symmetry, which has the effect of highlighting your eyes.

Enjoy perfectly plucked eyebrows for a more intense look.

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Enhance Your Look with Precision and Art!

Discover our exclusive Eyebrow Hair Removal and Restructuring service, a service designed to reveal the intensity of your eyes and highlight the natural symmetry of your face. Our aesthetic experts combine advanced techniques and a personalized approach to sculpt your eyebrows to perfection.

Hair removal and restructuring of eyebrows

frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between hair removal and eyebrow restructuring?

Eyebrow waxing focuses on removing excess hair to clean the eyebrow area. Restructuring, on the other hand, goes further by redefining the shape of the eyebrows to better adapt to the symmetry and facial features, creating a harmonious and tailored look. At Sobella Paris, we combine these two techniques to transform your look with precision.

How long does a hair removal and eyebrow restructuring session last?

A typical session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. This time allows us to carry out an initial consultation to understand your expectations, followed by the hair removal and restructuring itself. We take the time necessary to guarantee a perfect result, without ever making you feel rushed.

Is eyebrow hair removal and restructuring painful?

The feeling varies from person to person, but we do our best to ensure as comfortable an experience as possible. Our beauticians use gentle hair removal techniques and apply soothing treatments after the session to minimize any feeling of discomfort.

How long do the results last?

Results may vary depending on your hair growth cycle, but on average, clients return for a touch-up every 4-6 weeks. Following regular maintenance with Sobella Paris helps maintain the desired shape and gradually refine the brow line for even longer-lasting results.