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Sobella paris


A perfect manicure, for perfect hands

Standard from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

☎️ Book FREE online or by phone on 01 76 50 22 55 and pay at the institute.

A perfect manicure for perfect hands

Enjoy the Sobella Paris manicure for neat and clean nails. The latter will enhance your hands.

The manicure by Sobella Paris™️ will allow you to have neat and clean hands while promoting nail regrowth so that they are longer, stronger and healthier.

It will also allow you to take better care of your hands.

With the manicure by Sobella Paris™️, your nails will be properly maintained and according to the rules of the art.

Do you have short or broken nails?

Do you have damaged or yellowed nails?

Opt for the manicure by Sobella Paris™️, to treat your nails and give them back the shine they deserve!

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