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Sobella Paris


Our unique technique to strengthen your natural nails.

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Strengthen your nails with sheathing on natural nails

Take advantage of our nail polish + manicure + removal pack (if we need to apply the varnish you already have on your nails).

The nail is a reflection of our state of health and our lifestyle. It is therefore essential to take care of it.

The sheathing, also called reinforcement, consists of solidifying the nail natural with gel, resin product or with a special semi-permanent varnish base.

Make an appointment and benefit from our nail covering service. Our service allows you to have stronger nails for long-lasting wear.
Your nails will be beautiful and strengthened, which will prevent them from breaking while still looking stylish.

Our special thick base coupled with our unique know-how will strengthen your nails by covering them while keeping the length you want.

A filling East necessary every three to four weeks depending on the growth of the nails natural.

Strengthen your natural nail while maintaining the desired length.

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