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Sobella Paris


for a perfect lip contour

🌸Pain-free, ⭐️Without surgery, 🎁Appointment without prepayment

👄 Strengthen your lips with semi-permanent makeup

Micropigmentation (or semi-permanent makeup) of the line around your lips to support your mouth and give it more volume for a flawless makeup effect.

Lip micropigmentation is an excellent solution as semi-permanent makeup.

It helps define the contour of the lips and thus improve their appearance. This semi-permanent makeup procedure is a long-lasting alternative for lips, which help emphasize the shape of your mouth.

Lip contour micropigmentation is painless and its long-lasting hold allows you to have a perfect lip contour for several months.

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For perfectly defined lips

With our service, Stand out thanks to perfectly defined lips. The result is natural and perfect. Let yourself be tempted and try this superb semi-permanent makeup line!