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    I am Sonia, co-founder of Sobella Paris and the Sobella Academy.

    If you are here, it is because, like me, you share a passion for the world of beauty.

    Whether you are an ambitious entrepreneur in the beauty sector, a beautician looking for further development , or simply a passionate person wanting to dive into this fascinating world, I am delighted to help you to welcome.

    At Sobella Academy™️, we have one mission: to turn your passion for beauty into a thriving career.

    Imagine creating your own beauty salon , a place where your art and expertise shine.

    Or perhaps you dream of mastering the latest beauty techniques for which our institute is famous?

    We are here to guide you step by step. With the Sobella Academy™️, you will learn from the hands of masters, acquiring advanced skills and the secrets to success in this field.

    Our program is designed to propel you to the top, training you in the most sought-after techniques and giving you the tools you need to excel .

    Beauty is a sector in constant evolution, a world where opportunity does not know crisis. And you are one step away from being part of this revolution. Join us to turn your passion into a fulfilling and prosperous career.

    We look forward to welcoming you and helping you make your dreams come true.

    To find out more, contact us at +33176502255. Your future in the world of beauty begins here, at the Sobella Academy™️.

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  • What are Sobella Academy training courses?

    Sobella Academy training courses can help you succeed in the world of beauty, whatever your level of knowledge and skills.

  • Who are they intended for?

    Our training courses are intended for novices wishing to discover the world of beauty professions as well as experienced professionals seeking to increase their income and perfect their technique.

  • How are they taught?

    Our training modules follow a step-by-step progression, to help you acquire basic knowledge and support you in developing your skills. Personalized advice is given at each stage of the course for optimal learning.

  • When and where are they taught?

    Our face-to-face training program takes place on our premises and is designed to support you and provide you with maximum value by coaching and monitoring you throughout the training period.

  • Why you should follow our training courses?

    Sobella Academy training courses offer motivated people the opportunity to learn the beauty professions, allowing them to achieve financial freedom and radically change their lives.

  • Does this really work?

    Members of our community who have completed our training have their own beauty salons or work for themselves, which gives them unparalleled financial and time freedom.