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The Origins of Microblading and Semi-Permanent Makeup!


If you are interested in beauty, and you spend a lot of time on the internet, you have probably heard of microblading, this semi-permanent makeup trend that has been on the rise for several years.

Unlike traditional tattoos, this semi-permanent process uses pigments artfully inserted beneath the 1st layer of the dermis to give the lasting illusion of fuller, darker, more defined eyebrows. 

The popularity of microblading exploded practically overnight - RealSelf, a site that hosts reviews and research on various cosmetic procedures, claims that the demand for information on the technique increased so much that they had to make microblading a own topic on their website.

Over the next nine months, this topic was viewed by more than half a million users on the site.

Of course, microblading is the trend of the moment, but it is by no means the alpha and omega of semi-permanent makeup.

In fact, this technique has existed in several forms for decades.

Although it is impossible to say with certainty how long body art has been around (the oldest verified tattoos belong to the mummified remains of Iceman Otzi, an iceman from the European Tyrol who died around 3250 BC), but the practice is probably much older) Its history throughout the world is long and varied. 

Otzi iceman tattoo - Sobella Microblading beauty institute Suresnes
otzi iceman tattoo - Sobella Microblading beauty institute Suresnes

Before we continue, let’s define what we mean by “Body Art”. From our point of view, body art encompasses all the techniques and devices that we use to make ourselves beautiful. 

This ranges from earrings matching our outfit of the day, to makeup and/or tattoo techniques. 

For Western women, it began in the 19th century, when the art of looking beautiful became a fashion statement among socialites. (Winston Churchill's mother reportedly had a snake tattoo on her wrist, and if that doesn't immediately make you want to know more about Winston Churchill's mother, I don't think we can agree :D)

Lady Churchill mother of Winston Churchill - Sobella Microblading beauty institute Suresnes

While tattoos themselves have waxed and waned in popularity, their use for facial cosmetic purposes only really began to take off in the West in the 1980s. 

Around this time, doctors began looking for ways to help their patients deal with the symptoms of diseases such as alopecia, a type of whole-body hair loss that occurs when the immune system decides to attack the body's own hair follicles. 

Although wigs have been able to replace natural hair, people with alopecia also frequently lose facial hair, eyebrows included. 

Maintaining yourself to give the illusion of having well-defined and natural eyebrows requires time and skill on a daily basis, especially when patients suffer from this type of disease. 

So it made sense that patients would start turning to more permanent methods to give the illusion of natural brows.

Sobella Microblading beauty institute Suresnes

Cosmetic-style tattoos – which at this time began to take on more professional names like “semi-permanent makeup” and “micropigmentation” – were a response to a clear beauty need, and not just for people with alopecia. 

For patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis or Parkinson's disease, which might make it difficult to hold makeup tools or apply products in clean, precise movements, permanent makeup then offered the option of maintaining their makeup routine without frustration and without wasting time. 

From there, it was only natural for women who wanted to save time on their makeup routine to succumb to the appeal of microblading and semi-permanent makeup in general.

For a long time, semi-permanent makeup remained a process similar to a tattoo.

However, nowadays more advanced and more adapted techniques have emerged.

At Sobella Paris, Beauty Institute in Suresnes, we certify that our unique techniques make it possible to offer all our clients microblading adapted to their face and with a natural effect. Before proceeding, our beauty experts agree on a diagnosis in order to offer you the best shape for your eyebrows, and give you the best advice before any practice. 

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