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Training: All our techniques revealed

Sobella Paris is setting up its beauty academy. From now on, discover the Sobella Academy and you too become an expert in aesthetic beauty!

Learn a profession of the future that does not know the crisis!


1. Sobella Academy, part of Sobella Paris™️

2. CPF Sobella Academy training

3. Sonails™️: Nail prosthetist training

4. Socare™️: Microneedling Training

5. Solips™️: Candy Lips Perfect Training

6. Beauty as a profession

1.Discover the Sobella Academy, by Sobella Paris™️

Sobella Paris presents the Sobella Academy! A complete training universe to teach you all the beauty techniques that make the success of the Sobella Paris beauty institute (www.sobellaparis.com).

All our training is eligible for the CPF! Use your personal training account to finance your training 100%

Your training at 0€ thanks to your personal training account!

Sobella Paris aesthetic beauty training eligible for CPF

The beauty industry is a growing market. Indeed, this sector has recorded growth of 3.5% in recent years according to the professional statistics site Statista.

This industry is far from saturated and there are numerous opportunities for anyone who wants to become a beauty professional.

Thanks to the Sobella Academy, train and learn incredible beauty techniques to become a true beauty pro.

2. CPF Sobella Academy training

The CPF aesthetic and beauty training allows you to train in our Microneedling facial care techniques, nail prosthesis and Candy Lips Perfect, essential beauty procedures and beauty salon equipment.

Thanks to our exclusive training, you will also learn all the marketing and operating techniques to best manage your beauty salon.

You will benefit from comprehensive theoretical and practical training including many hours of training with qualified experts.

At the end of our training, you will obtain a recognized certification giving you access to a profession of the future that is not affected by the crisis.

You will then be able to pursue an exciting profession in the aesthetics, well-being and beauty sectors, in the form of a freelance or salaried activity.

3. Sonails™️: Nail technician training

The nail technician training by the Sobella Academy™️ allows you to have the basics of nail art and to learn a profession of the future.

You will learn all the professional beauty techniques that make Sobella Paris™️ famous, and which will make you a confirmed beauty professional.

Our training courses are composed of several levels for ultimate learning! Discover without further delay:

  • Sonails Basic Training: The ideal training to teach you the basics of the profession and familiarize yourself with the profession. 3 days of theory and practical training (20 hours of training)
  • Familiarization and presentation of professional equipment
  • Basic hand beauty
  • Manicure
  • Luxury Manicure
  • Strategic organization and hygiene workshop
  • Anatomy of hands and nails workshop
  • Theory and practice on one of our models

PRICE: €499 with free practice kit

  • Sonails Pro training: Go into more detail about hand beauty techniques such as the Korean or Russian technique. 5 days of theory and practical training (35 hours of training)
  • Sonails basic +:
  • Semi-permanent installation workshop
  • Korean technical hand beauty
  • Filing workshop and depending on the type of nail
  • French pose techniques
  • Nail anatomy
  • 1 month follow-up on a private WhatsApp group
  • Theory and practice on one of our models

PRICE: €1199 with free practice kit

  • Sonails Artist Training: Become a true artist by mastering the application of gel capsules and all the techniques of foot beauty. 6 days of training: theory and practice (42 hours of training)
  • Sonails Basic and Sonails Pro +:
  • Classic gel capsule application
  • Semi-permanent removal
  • Gel removal
  • Pedicure workshop
  • Beauty of the feet with semi-permanent application
  • 2 month follow-up in a private WhatsApp group
  • Theory and practice on one of our models

PRICE: €1399 with free practice kit

  • Sonails Master training: The ultimate training to master all the techniques of the nail technician! 12 days of theory and practical training (84 hours of training)
  • Sonails Basic, Sonails Pro and Sonails Artist +:
  • stencil installation
  • Nailart workshop
  • Baby Boomer Learning
  • Learning the American Installation Technique (GelX)
  • Double French technical workshop
  • Commercial technical workshop
  • Online and offline marketing workshop
  • Creation and management of a beauty salon
  • Follow-up 3 months private whatsapp group
  • Theory and practice on one of our models

PRICE: €1999 with free practice kit

photo of result of the American Gelx Pose Training by Sobella Paris

4. Socare™️: Microneedling Training

“Microneedling: the ultimate guide to becoming a specialist” training

Microneedling is a revolutionary facial care technique! Microoneedling consists of making micro-punctures on the skin with a special machine in order to inject an active ingredient.

This facial treatment technique is used to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and spots, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and all skin imperfections.

Thanks to our training you will discover everything you need to know about this unique treatment technique and you will become a Microneedling specialist.

What you will learn in this training:

  • What we can do thanks to microneedling,
  • The effectiveness of microneedling explained in detail,
  • Become familiar with the machine and the active ingredients,
  • How to sell your microneedling treatment and Marketing on the internet
  • Theory and practice on one of our models

PRICE: €699 without Kit 3 days of theoretical + practical training, i.e. 21 hours total training

Photo of a practical microneedling facial training by sobella paris

5. Solips™️: Candy Lips Perfect Training

Learn Candy Lips Perfect: semi-permanent lip makeup technique specially designed by Sobella Paris™️.

Candy Lips Perfect is a semi-permanent makeup technique which consists of giving your lips a made-up effect and a bitten effect to your lips.

This technique is used for aesthetic reasons but also to correct asymmetrical lips, lip depigmentation and various imperfections.

Photo of a Candy Lips Perfect training by Sobella Paris

Why do the Candy Lips Perfect training?

The Candy Lips Perfect professional training from Sobella Academy™️ is a unique training that will teach you:

  • Candy Lips Perfect techniques to enhance your clients' lips,
  • Restorative techniques workshop ideal for correcting asymmetrical, depigmented lips and correcting other imperfections,
  • Hygiene and obligation,
  • Familiarization with tools and pigments,
  • Theory and practice on one of our models

6. Beauty as a profession

All our training is made up of 2 parts: 1 theoretical part and 1 practical part.

You will have the opportunity to practice on one of our models to put everything you have learned into practice. During this training, you will be able to choose from several nail techniques, facial treatments or Candy Lips.

For those who wish, you can complete your training with an internship at our Sobella Paris beauty institute located in Suresnes (92).

Photo of the Sobella Paris beauty institute in Suresnes

With this learning and experience, you can then decide to either work in a beauty institute and bring them all your new skills, or choose to create your own beauty institute.

If you decide to open your own beauty salon, we can support and advise you in this new adventure that awaits you :)

Find all our training courses by clicking here

You have questions or would like more information about our training, contact us on +33176502255

👉🏼 Sobella Paris: 2 place Stalingrad 92150 Suresnes

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