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Microblading et Microshading en 2024 : Découvrez Pourquoi Ces Techniques Dominent l'Industrie de la Beauté - Sobella Paris

Microblading and Microshading in 2024: Discover Why These Techniques Dominate the Beauty Industry

Semi-permanent makeup techniques have seen incredible success in recent years.

Indeed, it is an effective and economical solution to not worry about makeup all the time. This saves you time and allows you to make real savings.

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Additionally, semi-permanent makeup offers an alternative to cosmetic surgery for people who are not ready to put their face in the hands of a surgeon or those of the stranger at a semi-permanent makeup center.

But microblading and microshading are two different techniques. However, most people who opt for one of these two types of semi-permanent makeup believe that they are the same technique.

We will take stock of these techniques and explain to you what the difference between microblading and microshading is.

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1. Microblading and microshading: The 2 semi-permanent eyebrow makeup techniques.

Eyebrows are the focal point of a person. Models, models and actresses are always photographed with well-defined eyebrows. Eyebrows are the easiest part to do for women.

However, there are two semi-permanent eyebrow makeup techniques that can be applied depending on the type of eyebrow you are looking to achieve.
These techniques are microblading and microshading.

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique in which pigments are inserted using micro-needles in a specific area to create a contour effect. Microshading allows you to mimic hairs in your real eyebrow hairs. This allows you to have denser eyebrows with an increased hair effect.

Microshading is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique which consists of makeup on the eyebrows using a mix of microblading, plus an ombre effect. This gives the impression of your eyebrows being fuller but still having a permanently made-up effect.

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It is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique that uses microneedles

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It is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique that uses microneedling. The latter can be made of metal, plastic or serious. The latter allows you to create precise lines.

However, microblading requires great precision. This is why you need to make sure that the doctor is able to perform these lines in a perfect manner.

This type of eyebrow makeup has the particularity of creating a natural result

When performing microblading, it is important to know that this technique has the particularity of creating a natural result. This allows you to not need to worry too much about how you are dressed.

This type of makeup also allows you to be able to do it without needing to worry about how you are dressed.

So you can do it when you're in jeans or a dress, whether you're dressed in light makeup or heavier makeup.

This technique allows you to correct eyebrows and rejuvenate them

Microblading allows you to correct eyebrows and rejuvenate them. This can be interesting if you have an eyebrow that has aged.

You can also use this type of semi-permanent makeup to create thicker eyebrows. With this technique, you can also correct any mistakes you may have made during your creation.

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Sparse and problematic eyebrows
Perfect look thanks to microblading by Sobella Paris
This technique requires training in order to be practiced by professionals

When you are looking to carry out your microshading training, you must ensure that it will allow you to train in the different aspects of this technique. This will allow you to train in the practice but also in the microshading technique.

You must in fact ensure that the training allows you to train yourself in the practice of this technique. This will allow you to ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge to be able to use it on your clients.

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Students trained by Sobella

2. The benefits of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

Eyebrows are an important part of our face and they often reflect the person's character.

When your eyebrows are well-groomed, people immediately notice your face and consider you more attractive.

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is one of the most used and popular techniques in the eyebrow world.

When the technique is done carefully, it offers a very natural and aesthetic result.

A real improvement in your face

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With microblading, you can afford to have a real improvement in your face. This is first of all the case for your eyebrows.

They will be perfectly drawn. But you can also afford to modify your face using this technique.

So you can afford to have a facelift. This allows you to have a real improvement in your appearance.

photos of a client with eyebrows with imperfections

Photo after microblading microshading by sobella paris

A visible improvement in your eyes

One of the benefits of eyebrow microblading is that it allows you to improve the appearance of your eyes.

Indeed, eyebrows are very important for the appearance of your eyes. By opting for eyebrow microblading, you can improve the appearance of your eyes.

This can therefore allow you to have a more intense and deeper look. It can also give the impression of larger eyes, which can be very interesting in the context of a face lift.

Another reason to opt for eyebrow microblading is to be able to regain a natural appearance.

Indeed, most women end up with eyebrows defined with eyebrow pencil or shadow. This prevents them from being able to look natural.

Eyebrows to suit your taste and in harmony with your face

When you decide to get your eyebrows microbladed, you can choose the style you want.

This allows you to have a result that suits you perfectly. Your style should also be in harmony with your face.

This prevents you from making a choice that does not suit you.

A reduction in your time spent on makeup

To have perfect eyebrows, you would need to spend time making them up. With microblading, you will no longer need to put makeup on your eyebrows.

This will allow you to get rid of that time spent on makeup.

This will save you time, but also money.

3. Microblading: semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows

Looking for a simple, natural and cost-effective way to increase the size of your eyebrows?

Microblading may be the solution. Synthetic eyebrows are another option, but frankly, you can hardly compete with the natural result of microblading!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that offers results similar to natural eyebrows.

Microtattooing involves using a small brush to draw lines on the eyebrow. A layer of pigment is applied above, then to the

Create perfect eyebrows.

Apart from creating perfect eyebrows, you also need to be able to create them impeccably. This means they should be similar to the ones you see in the photos.

In addition, they must be perfectly symmetrical. This is why you must provide two different anchor points.

If you want to create perfect eyebrows, you also need to make sure you don't make any missteps.

Replace damaged eyebrows.

If you want to replace your damaged eyebrows, you can opt for microblading. This technique is both effective and discreet.

This allows you to have optimal results. You won't need to use makeup or wear contact lenses to have perfectly plucked eyebrows.

This is a significant advantage, because you can walk around with your eyebrows as they are.

Use eyebrow pencils

If you want to use eyebrow pencils, you need to make sure you use natural colored pencils.

You can also use natural colored eyebrow pencils.

If you use natural colored pencils, you can achieve a natural result.

Increase eyebrow volume

If you want to increase the volume of your eyebrows, it may be necessary to reshape them.

To do this, you need to use a black pencil and make sure it is well defined.

To do this, you need to draw your eyebrows in a slightly wider curve than the original. This helps make the eyebrows appear thicker.

4. Some benefits of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

Eyebrows can have a big impact on your look. They can make you seem less serious, or even attract the attention of a potential partner.

Nowadays, women get semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos to go outdoors without having to worry about their appearance.

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are practical for people who rarely wear makeup, and who don't want to wear makeup every time someone speaks to them.

Eyebrow microblading is a solution to correct past mistakes

In case you have done microblading before, you may need to correct the work.

This may be the case if you have made a few mistakes, or if you simply want to change your style.

Microblading is a perfect solution because it can allow you to correct past mistakes. This will allow you to start from scratch.

Microblading allows you to repair permanently plucked eyebrows

One of the main reasons why microblading is very popular is that it can repair a permanently plucked eyebrow.

This is for example the case when some eyebrows have been plucked using an electric epilator or waxing.

Eyebrow microblading allows you to achieve a fair thickness

During microblading sessions, you can enjoy a fair result across the entire width of your eyebrows.

This allows you to achieve a perfect result. This is a major advantage, especially if you want to have thick eyebrows.

This also gives you the opportunity to ensure that the eyebrows are perfectly symmetrical.

This is a considerable advantage, which allows you to have a much more natural and balanced result.

Microblading is significantly more precise than micropigmentation

When you opt for microblading, you have the option of asking your artist to draw you eyebrows that are perfectly symmetrical.

This allows you to benefit from perfectly contoured eyebrows without having to worry about what's happening on the other side.

Additionally, you can ask your artist to draw you very thin eyebrows, if you wish.

5. The highlights of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

If you are looking to have perfect eyebrows, you have two choices: either you draw them or you resort to semi-permanent eyebrow makeup treatments.

What is semi-permanent eyebrow makeup? It is a treatment which lasts approximately 6 months and which hardens the eyebrow hairs thanks to the addition of colored pigments.

It is carried out by a specialist and can be done under local or general anesthesia. This type of eyebrow makeup is often used for eyebrow correction.

Eyebrows are longer and more beautiful.

Eyebrows are longer than your own eyebrows. This is why you should always make sure that they are long enough for you to look good.

This means that you must always check that you do not see the difference with your usual eyebrows.

This can be quite annoying and it can also pose a danger to your health.

The color is more intense.

When choosing your microblading color, it is important to make sure you are happy with the color.

It can be difficult to see it on the eyebrows, when you can see it on a leaf.

However, you can always use a mirror to make sure the color suits you.

You can also ask your beautician to show you the color on your skin.

Microblading is painless.

When you want to do microblading, you should know that it is less painful than microblading.

This is because a small tool is used to work on the eyebrow.

It can be painful, but it's not as painful as microblading.

You must therefore choose microblading if you want your eyebrow to be less painful.

This technique offers a more natural result

By opting for eyebrow microblading, you will be able to enjoy a more natural result and closer to your eyebrows.

This is because using microblading does not allow you to create very precise lines.

This way, you don't risk having to deal with lines that are too clear and too marked. This allows you to guarantee a more natural result.


Semi-permanent makeup seems to be a very complex subject.

Indeed, there are so many things to take into account and determine before getting started.

To find out everything about microblading, microshading and to get a more precise idea of ​​the criteria that will help you decide, do not hesitate to read this article.

Do you want to do Microblading or Shading? Or would you simply like the opinion of one of our semi-permanent makeup experts?

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