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Pure Precision: Redefine Your Beauty with Eyebrow Threading.

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Treat your eyebrows to the excellence of threading at Sobella Paris. This ancestral technique, carried out with care and expertise, ensures perfect definition of your eyebrows. Each session is a tailor-made experience, adapted to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes.

Advantages of threading hair removal:

  • Ideal for sensitive skin: No chemicals are used, reducing the risk of irritation and allergies​​.

  • Incredible precision: Allows you to remove the finest and hard to see hairs, providing a cleaner and more defined shape.

  • Fast and efficient: Contrary to popular belief, this technique is quick while being effective, ideal for an express touch-up.

  • Tailor-made results: Perfect for obtaining eyebrows trimmed precisely to your aesthetic preferences, whether you want a natural or more structured look.

  • Optimal for dense eyebrows: Particularly effective for thick eyebrows, allowing rapid and painless hair removal.

    Free Appointment Booking:
    Plan your visit without prepayment or deposit! Log on to to choose your slot. Our booking process is smooth and intuitive.

    Commitment from Sobella Paris:

    At Sobella Paris, your satisfaction and comfort are our priority. We are committed to offering a high quality service, adapted to each client. Our beauty experts guarantee you an exceptional experience, in harmony with our institute's values ​​of professionalism and personalization.

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Between Harmony and Finesse: Eyebrow Waxing with Threading

Let's transform your look at Sobella Paris.

Discover a subtle and elegant transformation with our eyebrow threading service at Sobella Paris. Our expert technique highlights the natural beauty of your eyes, offering incomparable precision and an impeccable finish. Each gesture is carried out with care and delicacy, ensuring a result that combines harmony and finesse. Let us reveal the intensity and depth of your eyes with hair removal that respects and enhances your uniqueness.

Embrace the transformation! Book your threading session now and reveal the power of your eyes.

About eyebrow threading

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about threading hair removal at Sobella Paris

What is eyebrow threading and how does it work?

Eyebrow threading is an ancient method of facial care that uses a fine cotton thread to gently remove unwanted hair from the eyebrows. The thread is twisted and rolled over the skin, capturing and removing hair at the root, allowing for superior precision and definition.

Is eyebrow threading painful?

Threading hair removal is generally less painful than other methods like waxing. Most clients experience a slight tingling sensation. This is an ideal method for those who have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation.

How long do the results of threading hair removal last?

Results may vary, but generally, threading can last between 3 and 6 weeks. It depends on your hair growth cycle. With regular sessions, hair can become finer and less dense over time.

Can I choose the shape of my eyebrows when threading?

Absolutely ! At Sobella Paris, we speak with each client to understand their preferences and offer personalized advice to achieve the most flattering eyebrow shape for your face.

Is there any care to take after threading hair removal?

After hair removal, it is advisable to avoid direct exposure to the sun and the use of irritating cosmetic products on the treated area for at least 24 hours. We also recommend applying a soothing cream to reduce any redness or irritation.